P. Boscariol, L. Moro, A. Fanzutto, A. Gasparetto, N. Zucchiatti, D. Dell'Antonia
Risk Management in Solitary Agricultural Work: New Technologies for Handling Emergency and Falls from Great Heights (SHADE)
Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 8, 2015, no.27, 1279-1288

Abstract: Solitary work and agricultural activities are the scenarios of a large number of severe injuries and deaths, also because first aid may be difficult to achieve in isolated locations. This work proposes a technology available on smartphones that allows triggering an emergency call when a fall from height or an unconsciousness state is detected. The results of several tests, which include different detection algorithms and scenarios, are reported in this work. Tests performed with the aid of a dummy have allowed developing a reliable algorithm for the detection of dangerous situations. This system is available as an Android application.

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