P. Boscariol, F. De Bona, A. Gasparetto, S. A. H. Kaieian Moosavi, L. Moro
Thermal analysis of fire doors for naval applications
Proceeding of the PRADS 2013, 20-25 October 2013, Changwong, Korea, pp. 451 - 456

Abstract: In this work the thermal response of fire doors for naval application is considered. In order to evaluate their behavior, fire doors are subjected to standard fire tests by means of a customized furnace, where the temperature rise follows a well-defined trend, according to the current regulations. A finite element model is developed with the aim of capturing the qualitative behavior of the fire door; results from non-linear transient and static analysis are then compared. To further validate its accuracy, the proposed model is compared with experimental measuraments obtained during standard fire tests. Images from a thermographic camera and outputs from thermocouples confirm that the adopted methodology is adequate to properly describe the thermal behavior of the door.

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