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Industrial Robot for Microhandling

Relatore: prof. Aldo Rossi
Laureando: Stefano Mazzola
Data: 2005

Descrizione: In this work is studied the performances of an industrial robot for micro handling and assembly. The main characteristics required to the robot is accuracy and repeatability. In the first part is present a literature survey about the calibration of industrial robots with particular attention for methods used to know better as soon as possible the accuracy which robot reaches the positions wanted. Also all possible errors sources have been considered and the international standards about the object. A section is dedicated to the possible evaluations of robot performances with a circular test using a double ball-bar. Our tests are divided in three section. The first one evaluates the accuracy and repeatability of the robot using a laser interferometer for distance measurement changing speed of end effector and positions within robot workspace. The second evaluates the angular displacement of robot end effector using the same laser interferometer with a special device composed by a double mirror and laser source, always changing speed and position. The third part is the consideration after the circular test, made teaching the robot circles with different diameters. After this series of tests is possible concluding that is possible use this robot for micro handling and assembly in the main part of workspace. Near the extreme of working area the robot shows an low accuracy and repeatability that could depends by the load influence and kinematic/dynamic model. This last point should be the future work of calibration to obtain an high performance in all workspace.

Riferimento: Giulio Rosati
Sede: UniPd - DIMEG

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