R. Caracciolo, A. Gasparetto, M. Giovagnoni
An experimental technique for complete dynamic characterisation of a viscoelastic material
Journal of Sound and Vibration, Academic Press, vol. 272, n. 3-5, May 2004, pp. 1013-1032.

Abstract: An experimental technique for completely characterising a viscoelastic material, by determining Poisson’s ratio and the complex dynamic Young's modulus of a small beam-like specimen subject to seismic excitation is presented in this paper, together with the theoretical background. The same experimental device is basically used for both kinds of tests: the specimen is instrumented, placed into a temperature controlled chamber and excited by means of an electrodynamic shaker. The longitudinal and the transversal deformations are measured by strain gauges to get Poisson’s ratio, whereas the vertical displacement of the specimen and the acceleration of the support are measured to get Young’s modulus of the tested material. The experimental curves of Poisson’s ratio and of Young's modulus, obtained at different temperatures, are then gathered into a unique master curve by using the reduced variables method. The two master curves respectively represent Poisson’s ratio and Young's modulus for the tested material in a very broad frequency range.

Attività: MiProMec: misure di proprietà meccaniche dei materiali

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