A. Gasparetto, S. Miani
Dynamic Model of a Rotating Channel Used in the Steel Industry and Implementation of a Controller
Journal of Vibration and Control, Sage Publications, vol. 10, n. 3, March 2004, pp. 423-445

Abstract: In the steel industry, the steel bars coming out from the last stand of the rolling train must be conveyed to the cooling bed. To this purpose, various kinds of devices are used in the different steel factories. In this paper, the rotatine channel used in a single steel company is described and investigated. The problem of derivino an adeguate dynamic model for the rotatine channel is tackled; the model is then exploited to design a controller which could be employed in the real application of the rotatine channel. A lumped parameters model of the rotatine channel has been designed and used in this work. Moreover, a distributed parameters model has also been implemented, so as to be able to compare the two models and to evacuate the error made by using the lumped parameter instead of the distributed parameter model. The lumped parameter model has then been used as a basis for the implementation of a time varying control scheme, which is also presented in the paper. The control has then been successfully tested on an accurate simulator of the plant. The results obtained from the tests have been very encouraging.

Area: Controllo di Sistemi Meccanici

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