S. Filippi, A. Gasparetto, and F. Miani
Study of the Dynamic Response of a Sinterized Material to a Seismic Excitation for Knowledge Enhancement in an Expert System for Rapid Prototyping
Proc. of the MOVIC 2002- Sixth Int. Conf. on Motion and Vibration Control, Saitama (Japan), 19-23 Aug. 2002

Abstract: The construction of prototypes made of sintered materials starting from a CAD model has become an increasingly attractive and widespread technique. If an expert system is used in helping this difficult task, information about the mechanical properties of the material should be made available. To this end, an ad hoc procedure has been developed and applied to the sintered material, to measure the dynamic response of the material to a seismic excitation, and the Young’s modulus. The experimental results obtained allow to know accurately the relationship existing between the parameters set during the design and manufacturing phase and the mechanical properties of the final product.

Area: Vibrazioni Meccaniche
Attività: MiProMec: misure di proprietà meccaniche dei materiali

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