R. Caracciolo, P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto, A. Rossi
A Teleoperated Robot for Servicing inside a RFX Machine
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, Cassino, 26-28 June 1997

Abstract: An application of telemanipulation in a semi-structured environment is presented in this work. A teleoperated maintenance robot provided with a CCD camera operates inside a RFX machine. The robot should substitute the graphite tiles of the machine inner walls. A dedicated mechanism must be designed and realized, which is to move the CCD camera mounted on the robot end-effector, so that the robot can observe the working area, and particularly the center of the tile to be substituted. The choice of the most suitable mechanism is illustrated, and simulations carried out in a virtual environment are presented. Moreover, the mechanical design and implementation of the mechanism are described. Finally, an efficient optical feedback which could automatize most of the servicing task is presented.

Area: Robotica

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