R. Caracciolo, A. Gasparetto, M. Morandin, S. Santi
Robotized Stringing of a Drift Chamber in a Virtual Environment
Proc. of the ISMCR Topical Workshop on Virtual Reality and Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces, Tampere (Finland), 1-6 June 1997

Abstract: The paper deals with the automatic stringing of a drift chamber, using an off-line programmed robot. The chamber consists in a set of about 30000 very thin wires that are to be strung between two plates placed at a distance of 2.7 meters. Great accuracy is required in order to insert a needle, to which the wire is tied, into the desired location. Virtual reality is used for the conceptual design of the robot. A very particular robot is to be designed with a low number of degrees of freedom, because small dimensions for the wrist and the tool are required. The virtual environment is then used to off-line plan the desired trajectory, in order to avoid the teach-in of the 60000 locations to be reached by the robot and the corresponding trajectory planning. The high quality graphic interface was crucial both to monitor the motion in a 3D representation and to design collision-free trajectories. The minimum needle-already strung wires and tool-already strung wires distances have been investigated and optimized. Keywords: simulation, robot, off-line programming, drift chamber.

Area: Robotica

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