R.Caracciolo, E.Ceresole, A. Gasparetto, M.Giovagnoni
Linearizzazione del modello di un attuatore pneumatico controllato in portata
Atti del XII Congresso Nazionale AIMETA, Napoli, 3-6 ottobre 1995

Abstract: The present work deals with the modeling and the experimental validation of a pneumatic actuator driven by a mass flow rate proportional valve. The proposed models are valid under the assumption of ideal gas for the air, isothermal transformation in the cylinder chambers, negligible kinetic energy of the air. The model of the valve has been obtained by means of an experimental procedure and then approximated by polynomial interpolation. The dynamic behaviour of the piston and the thermodynamical transformations in both chambers compose the cylinder model. The model is linearized near the current state. The comparison between numerical simulations and experimental registrations is proposed for step and sinusoidal input in open loop conditions.

Area: Controllo di Sistemi Meccanici

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