F. Fanton, A. Gasparetto, M. Giovagnoni
A Technique for Position Estimation of an Autonomous Vehicle Using Reflective Beacons
Proceedings of the Ninth IFToMM World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Milan, 29 Aug. - 2 Sept. 1995

Abstract: A technique for position estimation of an autonomous vehicle moving in an indoor environment is described in this work. As a matter of fact, the control system of the vehicle requires knowledge of its position with respect to a fixed reference frame, so that navigation of the vehicle can be effectively controlled. In this work, a system made of a laser emitter-receiver device, mounted on the vehicle, and several reflective beacons, fixed to the room walls at known positions, was used to estimate the position of the vehicle. The laser device rotates in a horizontal plane and the emitted beam hits all the beacons, one by one. Each beacon reflects the laser beam back in the same direction, so that it can be caught by the receiver. This work focuses on the technique that was developed to evaluate the position of the vehicle in the environment, once the angles at which the sensor "sees" each of the beacons are known. The position estimation algorithm is presented, and the error in position estimation is discussed. Finally, a brief description of the experimental prototype that was designed and built is given.

Area: Robotica

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