S. Bortolatto, A. Gasparetto, A. Trevisani, and V. Zanotto
Towards a model of the human hand: Linear system identification of the human grasp
IASME Transactions, 1(1):131–136, 2004

Abstract: In a haptic system the human operator acts on an active mechanical device, which lets the user sense and manipulate computer-generated or real remote environments. From the considerations arising in the control of such systems, accurate dynamic modeling of the human hand grasping haptic devices could improve stability analysis and device control design. This paper develops an experimental characterization of the behavior of a human hand holding a haptic knob in a three-fingered grasp. Traditional system identification techniques are used, moreover, three different linear and time-invariant lumped dynamic models of the human hand, are presented and discussed.

Area: Controllo di Sistemi Meccanici
Attività: HHI: Identificazione dell'impedenza meccanica della mano

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