A. Rossi and G. Rosati
The trend in robotics toward man-machine interaction
In Proceedings of the 1st IASME International Conference on Advances in Mechanics and Mechatronics, Plenary lecture, Udine, Italy, March 2004

Abstract: The main topic of this presentation is the development of systems and methodologies to apply haptic interfaces in different environments. A haptic interface is a robotized device designed to interact with the human operator, giving tactile sensations to him by means of force-feedback. The feeling of external forces is an essential aspect of robotic surgery and rehabilitation. Even though the presentation is focused on the development of haptic interfaces and on the definition of suitable clinical treatment protocols, the final aim is to develop a complete diagnosis-thearapy-rehabiltationhome care path. Patients that need a rehabilitation treatment may have pathologies very different one to another. In the case of conventional or stereotactic neurosurgery, treatment starts with diagnosis and proceeds with surgical interventions, rehabilitation and home care. In most cases, these phases are not integrated in a global planning of the whole treatment.

Area: Interfacce Aptiche

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