P. Boscariol, G. Boschetti, A. Dalla Via, N. De Rossi, M. Neri, I. Palomba, D. Richiedei, C. Ronco, A. Trevisani
Description and In-Vitro Test Results of a New Wearable/Portable Device for Extracorporeal Blood Ultrafiltration
Machines 2019, 7, 37; doi:10.3390/machines7020037

Abstract: This paper presents the design of Rene Artificiale Portatile (RAP), a novel wearable and portable device for extracorporeal blood ultrafiltration, capable of providing remote treatment of fluid overload in patients with kidney diseases and/or congestive heart failure. The development of the device is based on a new design paradigm, since the layout of the device is box-shaped, as to fit a backpack or a trolley case, differentiating it from other existing devices. The efficient layout and component placement guarantee minimalization and ergonomics, as well as an effient and cost-effective use. The redundant control architecture of the device has been implemented to ensure a high level of safety and an effective implementation of the clinical treatment. The consistency of the design and its effective implementation are assessed by the results of the preliminary in-vitro tests presented and discussed in this work.

Area: Robotica Medica

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