L. Scalera, P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto, S. Seriani,
Anti-Hedonistic Machines
International Journal of Mechanics and Control, Vol. 18, No. 02, 2017

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the concept of Anti-Hedonistic Machines (AHMs) interacting with humans. Up to this time, people developed machines and artefacts which could enhance the level of perceived pleasure (e.g. entertainment tools, communication networks, virtual reality systems) or technologies which could reduce human efforts and pain during specific heavy and repetitive tasks, “helping people doing something” (e.g. robotic, automated and intelligent systems). In recent years, examples of machines designed to “prevent people from doing something” are emerging. Such machines can be defined as anti-hedonistic machines or, more generally, anti-hedonistic artefacts. For example, intra-gastric balloons prevent people from eating, timed cigarette boxes prevent people from smoking, special bracelets (reminders) prevent people from onychophagia, and alcohol-testers connected to car starters prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. This work presents a general framework for antihedonistic machines and systems, providing general definitions and a possible classification.

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