P. Boscariol, P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto, M. Giovagnoni, L. Scalera, R. Vidoni
Evolution of a Dynamic Model for Flexible Multibody Systems
Advances in Italian Mehcanism Science vol.47, Proceedings of the First Conference of IFToMM Italy, IFIT 2016, December 1-2, Vicenza - Italy

Abstract: In this paper the evolution of a dynamic model for flexible multibody systems is presented. This model is based on an equivalent rigid-link system (ERLS) and, in the first formulation, has been exploited together with a FEM approach for the modeling of planar flexible-link mechanisms. Subsequently, the model has been linearized in order to be applied for control purposes and then it has been extended to the three-dimensional case. In the last years, a modal approach has been developed and the ERLS concept has been applied in order to formulate the dynamics of spatial flexible mechanisms with a component mode synthesis (CMS) technique.

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