R. Vidoni, P. Gallina, P. Boscariol, A. Gasparetto, M. Giovagnoni
Modeling the vibration of spatial flexible mechanisms through an equivalent rigid-link system/component mode synthesis approach
Journal of Vibration and Control, Online First (2015)

Abstract: In this paper, a novel formulation for modeling the vibration of spatial flexible mechanisms and robots is introduced. The formulation is based on the concepts of equivalent rigid-link system (ERLS) that allows kinematic equations of motion for the ERLS decoupled from the compatibility equations of the displacement at the joint to be written. With respect to the available literature, in which the ERLS concept has been proposed together with a finite element method (FEM) approach (ERLS-FEM), the formulation is extended in this paper through a modal approach and, in particular, a component mode synthesis technique which allows a reduced-order system of dynamic equations to be maintained even when a fine discretization is needed. The model is validated numerically by comparing it with the results obtained from the AdamsFlex software, which implements the well-known floating frame of reference approach for a benchmark L-shaped mechanism. A good agreement between the two models is shown.

Area: Vibrazioni Meccaniche
Attivitą: Modellazione e controllo di meccanismi a membri deformabili ad attuazione multipla

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