R. Caracciolo e A. Trevisani
FORMS: a mechatronic system for rapid foot measurement and 3-d reconstruction - PART II: system calibration
Proceedings of The 7th Mechatronics Forum International Conference. Settembre 6-8, 2000, Atlanta, (USA).

Abstract: Part II of this work concerns the calibration procedure of FORMS. The implemented calibration is performed using a monoview coplanar set of control points, and comparing the geometrical features of their expected and observed images. An extensive statistical analysis has been performed to determine the most appropriate number of control points and to verify the procedure stability in the case of noisy image data. The calibration procedure has been tested with real and synthetic data, and the results achieved are satisfactory both in terms of resolution and accuracy.

Area: Automazione
Attivitą: FORMS: scanner ottico tridimensionale per misure ortopediche

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