M. Bietresato, P. Boscariol, A. Gasparetto, F. Mazzetto, R. Vidoni
On the design of a Mechatronic Mobile System for Laser Scanner Based Crop Monitoring
Proceedings of The 14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference, Karlstad, Sweden, June 16-18 2014

Abstract: Modern agriculture sees an increasing diffusion of information systems to support the farmer for a more accurate and efficient activity, in particular through a continuous and global environmental, operational and crop monitoring. Focusing on the crop monitoring, i.e. the direct observation of the tree canopy in order to obtain a series of agronomical information, new and effective sensors, together with an integrated mechatronic approach and mobile robotic platforms, can be the ingredients for future smart and effective solutions. In this work, following the approach of Sanz-Cortiella et al. and Lee et Ehsani [1], [2] for ground level tractor-based scanning, a first attempt concerning the development of a LIDAR sensor integrated in an autonomous or tele-operated mobile robot equipped with position and inertial sensors is presented. The purpose of the work is to evaluate the feasibility and performance the of the idea that consists in the monitoring, scanning, digital detection and recognition of both the canopy and the fruit situation in orchards, by means of an emulated environment. Experiments, even if preliminary, have been conducted with the aim of using these sensors together with autonomous robots in agriculture.

Area: Robotica

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