S. Masiero, P. Poli, G. Rosati, D. Zanotto, M. Iosa, S. Paolucci, and G. Morone
The value of robotic systems in stroke rehabilitation
Expert Review of Medical Devices, 11(2):187-198, 2014

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss robot-mediated neurorehabilitation as a significant emerging field in clinical medicine. Stroke rehabilitation is advancing toward more integrated processes, using robotics to facilitate this integration. Rehabilitation approaches have tremendous value in reducing long-term impairments in stroke patients during hospitalization and after discharge, of which robotic systems are a new modality that can provide more effective rehabilitation. The function of robotics in rehabilitative interventions has been examined extensively, generating positive yet not completely satisfactory clinical results. This article presents state-of-the-art robotic systems and their prospective function in poststroke rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs.

Area: Robotica Medica
Progetto: ARCO

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