R. Caracciolo, A. Gasparetto, A. Rossi e A. Trevisani
Linear quadratic optimal control of a four-link flexible planar linkage
Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on ROBOTICS AND APPLICATIONS 2000 (RA 2000), Agosto 14-16, 2000 Honolulu, Hawaii, (USA).

Abstract: An optimal linear quadratic regulator (LQR) is synthesized for a flexible planar four-bar linkage. A very accurate discrete finite element model is used to describe the dynamic behavior of the system. Such a model accounts for geometric and inertial nonlinearities and is based on the equivalent rigid-link system (ERLS) theory. In order to employ the classical optimal control theory a suitable linear model is employed, which derives from the nonlinear one presented. The linearization of the model does not affect the correctness of the results because the mechanism undergoes small displacements from an equilibrium position. A performance index is defined and Riccati’s equations is solved to find the control that minimizes the index. There is no need to build an estimator of the state of the system, thanks to the accuracy and completeness of the model. Numerical results demonstrate the effectiveness of the control scheme.

Area: Vibrazioni Meccaniche
Attività: Modellazione e controllo di meccanismi a membri deformabili ad attuazione singola

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