P. Boscariol, A. Gasparella, A. Gasparetto, N. Lever, D. Richiedei, A. Trevisani R. Vidoni
Energy efficiency and smoothness in robotics trajectory planning: numerical simulation and comparison
Proc. of the Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW 2013), Vienna (Austria), May 23-24, 2013, pp. 7-12

Abstract: In this paper, the most widely adopted industrial off-line non model-based trajectories together with optimum time-jerk and time-energy algorithms are considered and evaluated in terms of energy efficiency and smoothness. First of all, a robotic dynamic simulator able to run different laws of motion, to simulate the robot dynamic behavior and to evaluate the amount of mechanical energy, torque and jerk, has been developed and implemented in Matlab. After that, both point-to-point and pick-and-place trajectories have been simulated by comparing different motion laws whose results have been evaluated and ranked from both the energy efficiency and smoothness point of view. Finally, a performance index able to take into account the energetic and vibrational performance has been defined to compare the different trajectory planning algorithms.

Area: Robotica

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