P. Gallina e A. Trevisani
Delayed-reference control (DRC) of a two mass elastic system
Accettato per la pubblicazione sulla rivista scientifica internazionale Journal of Vibration and Control.

Abstract: An innovative non-time based control scheme for path-tracking and vibration control of a two-mass system is introduced in this paper. The basic idea of the scheme, named Delayed Reference Control (DRC), is to make the path reference of the system be a function of an action reference parameter which depends both on time and a variable which plays the role of a time delay. By suitably computing the value of the delay on the basis of the vibration measured, such vibration can be actively suppressed while an independent position regulator ensures an accurate tracking of the desired path. The DRC scheme is therefore suitable for those applications, in particular in the robotic field, where a predefined path through space must be followed precisely while the time taken to carry out the task is not a primary concern. In this paper the stability of the system is investigated, and numerical results are provided to assess the performance of the proposed method, compared to the one of an optimal linear quadratic regulator.

Area: Vibrazioni Meccaniche

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