R. Caracciolo e A. Trevisani
Design and calibration of an opto-mechanical appliance for 3d non-contact orthopedic measurements. Part II: calibration methodology and experimental results
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 36 (2003) 23-44.

Abstract: A multistep iterative calibration methodology for the opto-mechanical system introduced in Part I is proposed. The methodology makes use of a monoview coplanar set of control points, whose number has been determined on the basis of both geometrical considerations and the results of a statistical analysis aiming at assessing the procedure stability in the case of noisy image data. The calibration procedure is carried out comparing the theoretical and observed images of the calibration pattern. Both synthetic and real data have been employed to test the calibration procedure, which proved to be accurate and efficient. The experimental results achieved by the calibrated system are satisfactory in terms of measurement precision.

Area: Automazione
Attivitą: FORMS: scanner ottico tridimensionale per misure ortopediche

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