P. Boscariol, A. Canderan, A. Gasperetto, R. Vidoni
An advanced manufacturing system based on MARS (multi agent robotic system)
Proc. of the 9th International Conf. on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology AMST '11, Mali Losinj (Croatia), June 16-17 2011, pp.295-306

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to create a system for the management of a manufacturing process in a decentralized and distributed way, creating a plausible model, in order to simulate the management of the main issues. In the model, which simulates a mixed-model mass production, the process is implemented with a pull logic and the supply chain management is carried out with Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques. The product of this production line is a household appliance, but the same model can be easily adapted to any production field. Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), defined as groups of autonomous software entities interacting each other by an appropriate organization, have been used in order to create the system, thanks to their modularity and ability to easily solve complex problems in a decentralized way. Starting from the model of the production line, a framework with a number of agents that autonomously manage the most important production phases has been designed. The system has been developed with Jade, a software platform based on Java, the most widely used for the creation of MAS, allowing to fulfill the requirements and to introduce some interesting innovations, with respect to existing systems.

Area: Robotica

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