G. Rosati
The place of robotics in post-stroke rehabilitation
Expert Review of Medical Devices, 7(6):753758, 2010. Invited Paper.

Abstract: Reducing the impact of stroke on the independence of elderly patients during daily life is becoming a primary societal goal in developed countries owing to population aging and to the incidence of stroke in elderly people. Rehabilitation plays a fundamental role in reducing the residual motor deficits of stroke patients, both during hospitalization (acute/subacute phase, inpatient rehabilitation) and after discharge (chronic phase, ambulatory/home rehabilitation). Since 1995, when the first pioneering robotic system for rehabilitation was presented, the use of robotics in post-stroke rehabilitation has been investigated intensely, and positive, although not yet fully satisfactory, clinical results were obtained. This article presents the most recent developments in this young research field, outlining the state of the art and the prospective role of robotics in post-stroke rehabilitation.

Area: Robotica Medica
Progetto: ARCO

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