D. Prattichizzo, C. Pacchierotti, S. Cenci, K. Minamizawa, and G. Rosati
Using a fingertip tactile device to substitute kinesthetic feedback in haptic interaction
In Proceedings of EuroHaptics 2010, Part I, pages 125–130, Amsterdam, NL, July 8-10 2010

Abstract: A prototype of a joystick where the kinesthetic feedback is substituted by tactile feedback is proposed. Tactile feedback is provided by a wearable device able to apply vertical stress to the fingertip in contact with the joystick. To test the device, rigid wall rendering is considered. Preliminary experiments show that the sensation of touching a virtual wall using the force feedback provided by the electric motor of the joystick is nearly indistinguishable from the sensation felt by the user using the tactile display only. The proposed device does not suffer from typical stability issues of teleoperation systems and is intrinsically safe.

Area: Automazione
Attività: Tecniche avanzate sicure di interazione uomo-robot
Progetto: SMS SIAMO

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