F. Garcėa-Sānchez, R. Vidoni, R. Martėnez-Béjar, A. Gasparetto, R. Valencia-Garcėa, J. T. Fernāndez-Breis
Bridging the Gap Between the Logical and the Physical Worlds
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (PAAMS’09), Salamanca (Spain), March 22-27

Abstract: An implicit frontier have traditionally existed between services available online and those that can be offered by mechanical devices such as robots. However, many applications can benefit from the convergence of these two worlds. In this paper, we present BRIDGE, a knowledge technologies-based multi-agent system for joining together Web and robot-provided services. The fundamentals of the framework and its architecture are explained and a traffic control-related use case scenario described.

Area: Robotica
Attivitā: IARMAUT: Intelligenza Artificiale per la Robotica Medica e l'AUTomazione

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