Caracciolo R., Richiedei D., Trevisani A.
Experimental Validation of a Model-Based Robust Controller for Multi-body Mechanisms with Flexible Links
Proceedings of 12th IFToMM World Congress 2007, Besanšon (France).

Abstract: This paper presents the first experimental validation of a model-based robust approach to the synthesis of position and vibration controllers for flexible link mechanisms. The design approach is based on the solution of a mixed norm (H2/Hinf) problem, which allows ensuring, at the same time, satisfactory performances and robustness. A chief advantage of the approach proposed is that it allows designing robust control schemes by incorporating appropriate linear or piece-wise linear observers and regulators, which in turn can be synthesized making use of the accurate dynamic models currently available in literature. The experimental validation of the proposed control scheme is carried out on an instrumented prototype of flexible four-bar linkage.

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