N. De Rossi, A. Rossi, A. Trevisani, and V. Zanotto
Development and Performance Assessment of a Laser Triangulation Scanner for Digitizing Shoe Lasts
In Proceedings of AMST 2002, pages 553–560, Udine, Italy, July 2002

Abstract: This paper presents a non-contact laser triangulation 3D digitizer which offers a good combination of accuracy, efficiency, robustness and portability. The key component of the digitizer is an accurate laser triangulation rangefinder which moves on a vertical plane and continuously measures the distance of a last attached to a rotating shaft. A PD control action keeps the distance between the sensor and the last surface within the the sensor measuring range, and close to the reference distance which minimizes measurement errors. One linear encoder, measuring the sensor horizontal displacements, provides the additional data needed for cross section reconstruction. The problem of digitizing a cross section which does not contain the center of rotation is faced using a photoelectric sensor detecting the cross section dimensions before the last reaches the rangefinder. The experimental results prove the effectiveness of the proposed system.

Area: Automazione
Attività: LaScan: scanner digitale a triangolazione laser per forme da scarpe

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