A. Gasparetto, A. Lanzutti, R. Vidoni, V. Zanotto
An intelligent mechatronic system for safe opening devices
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology AMST '08, Udine, June 12-13 2008

Abstract: In this paper a new intelligent mechatronic system for automatic gates is presented. Considering the cost and hardware constraints, satisfy the strict European rules both for the dynamic force and for the reaction time in case of impact with an obstacle is a non trivial problem. The developed solution solves this problem exploiting a unique sensor and working in two phases. In the first phase of autotuning, the main mechanical parameters of the system are recognized. In the operative phase, the door is controlled and operated with the highest allowable speed. Moreover the overall procedure is able to recognize and adapt the control to the different operative conditions estimating the mechanical values and operating the motor consistently. High efficiency, safety and low cost requirements are taken into account in the development of the solution and the experimental results confirm the effectiveness of the system.

Area: Automazione
Attivitą: KING- Progettazione di sistemi di controllo per automatismi di nuova generazione

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