G.Boschetti, A. Dalla Via, A. Gasparetto, A. Lanzutti, R. Vidoni, V. Zanotto
New Trends in Robotic Neurosurgery
Acta Mechanica Slovaca, vol. 2-A, June 2008, pp. 213-224

Abstract: Neurosurgery requires a great precision in tool positioning. Nevertheless, neurosurgeons, limited by their anthropomorphic structure, have a reduced dexterity when moving a surgical tool. The requirements of having both a magnification of the operative field and a tool miniaturization have overwhelmed the spatial resolution of the human hand. Robots, in contrast, are capable of minute, tremor-filtered movements and are indefatigable. These assets are invaluable in any microsurgical arena, particularly when manipulating delicate and diseased intracranial structures. This paper presents new trends on robotic neurosurgery. A particular attention is dedicated to the experiences of the Mechatronics research group in telerobotic haptic master-slave neurosurgical robotics.

Area: Robotica Medica
Attivitą: LANS: Sistema robotico per Neurochirurgia

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