S. Masiero, E. Carraro, A. Celia, G. Rosati, and M. Armani
Robotic therapy: a novel approach in upper-limb neurorehabilitation after stroke
Neurological Sciences, 28(5):294, 2007. Letter

Abstract: Among the various sensorimotor exercise strategies that may be added to rehabilitation of the post-stroke paralysed upper limb, robotic-aided therapy seems to represent a novel, realistic approach that can provide high-intensity, repetitive, task-specific intervention. We tested whether early additional sensorimotor training of the upper limb in poststroke patients, delivered by a robotic device, enhanced motor recovery and functional outcome.

Area: Robotica Medica
Attivitą: NeReBot: robot a cavi per neuroriabilitazione a tre gradi di libertą

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