R. Caracciolo, P. Gallina, G. Rosati, and A. Rossi
Some applications of robotic mechanisms and haptic interfaces in rehabilitation
In Proceedings of ISCSB 2001, pages 203–211, Milan, Italy, July 2001

Abstract: In the past, many researchers focus their attention on determining theoretical human body organ biomechanical behavior. But still nowadays there exists relatively few applications that make use of such a know-how. One of the most successful consists in the use of haptic interfaces for rehabilitation. A haptic interface is an active robot that can provide the patient with force feedback stimulus that can immerge the patient in a virtual therapeutic world. In fact, with such a tool, the patient can performance different tasks with increased difficulties, and the recorded treatment’s data can be also used to carry a diagnosis out. Moreover, there are other examples where haptic-based tools are employed to assist people with permanent handicaps, like blind people or Parkinson patients are.

Area: Robotica Medica

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