G. Rosati, G. Boschetti, A. Biondi and A. Rossi
Real-time defect detection on highly reflective curved surfaces
In Proceedings of OPTIMESS2007 Workshop, pages 115–122, Leuven, Belgium, May 28-30 2007

Abstract: This paper presents an automated defect detection system for coated plastic components for the automotive industry. This research activity came up as an evolution of a previous study which employed a non-flat mirror to illuminate and inspect high reflective curved surfaces. According to this method, the rays emitted from a light source are conveyed on the surface under investigation by means of a suitably curved mirror. After the reflection on the surface, the light rays are collected by a CCD camera, to whom the coating defects appear as shadows of various shapes and dimensions. In this paper we present an evolution of the above mentioned method, introducing a simplified mirror set-up in order to reduce the costs and the complexity of the defect detection system. In fact, a set of plane mirrors is employed instead of the curved one. Moreover, the inspection of multiple bend radius parts is investigated. A prototype of the machine vision system has been developed in order to test this simplified method. This device is made up of a light projector, a set of plane mirrors for light rays reflection, a conveyor belt for components handling, a CCD camera and a desktop PC which performs image acquisition and processing. Like in the previous system, the defects are identified as shadows inside a high brightness image. At the end of the paper, first experimental results are presented.

Area: Automazione
Attività: PlasCoat: Rilevazione difetti di verniciatura su componenti in plastica
Progetto: PLASCOAT

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