A. Gasparetto and G. Rosati
Design and implementation of a Cartesian robot
In Proceedings of AMST 2002, pages 539–544, Udine, Italy, July 2002

Abstract: The paper presents the design and the implementation of a cartesian robot, carried out at the Department of Electrical, Management and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Udine, in cooperation with the Department of Innovation in Mechanics and Management of the University of Padova. The cartesian robot built is of the gantry type, i.e. it is intended to reach the object to manipulate from above. It will be described in the paper how the design requirements were set, with respect to the mechanical and the electronic part, as well as to the control system. The most important requirements to take into account were those regarding: accuracy, dimensions, velocity, weight of the object to be manipulated and the overall cost of the system. The robot will then be equipped with suitable tools, so as to be used for automation purposes in different fields (industrial, biomedical, etc.).

Area: Robotica
Attività: SurBot: robot cartesiano a sei gradi di libertà
Progetto: RIME

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