R. Valencia Garcia, R. Martinez Béjar, A. Gasparetto
An intelligent framework for simulating robot-assisted surgical operations
Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier Publ., vol. 28, n. 3, Apr. 2005, pp. 425-433

Abstract: In this paper, a system based on several intelligent techniques, including speech recognition, natural language processing and linear planning is described. These techniques have been employed to generate a sequence of operations understandable by the control system of a robot that is to perform a semi-automatic surgical task. Thus, a system has been implemented that translates some surgeon’s ‘natural’ language into robot-executable commands. A robotic simulator has then been implemented in order to test the planned sequence in a virtual environment.

Area: Robotica Medica
Attività: IARMAUT: Intelligenza Artificiale per la Robotica Medica e l'AUTomazione

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