A. Biason, G. Boschetti, A. Gasparetto, A. Puppatti and V. Zanotto
Design of a robotic vision system
Accepted for publication in Proceedings of the 7th Int. conf. AMST Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology 9-10 June 2005 in Udine - Italy

Abstract: The paper presents the design and the implementation of a vision system for a Cartesian robot located in the Mechatronics laboratory of the Dept. of Electrical, Management and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Udine. The system hardware is made of two monochromatic analogue cameras with charge coupled sensor JAI CV-A50 and of an image acquisition board NI PCI-1409. The software code has been implemented in MatLab and in the NI MAX environment. The vision system can control the two cameras by making a direct image acquisition and calibrating the cameras using the Faugeras method. Moreover, it is possible to obtain the three-dimensional localization of a selected object through stereoscopic vision techniques. The vision system described in this paper will be soon integrated with the Cartesian robot located in the laboratory, so as to have a powerful tool which turns out to be very useful for several application of conventional and applied robotics.

Area: Robotica
Attivitą: SurBot: robot cartesiano a sei gradi di libertą

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