F. Antoniazzi, P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto, and G. Rosati
Admittance model haptic interaction for large workspace teleoperation
In Proceedings of RoManSy 2002, pages 109–118, Udine, Italy, July 2002

Abstract: This paper presents a control method for scaled teleoperation where the slave workspace is larger than the master one. In future, the results of this paper will be employed in a joystick for excavator controlling. The whole system is made up of a haptic master device and a virtual slave one. The master device consists in an 1 D.o.F. joystick provided with a shaft mounted torque sensor. The scaled force the human operator exerts on the master device commands the slave device input force. Conversely, the master position follows the slave position. In this way, a realistic feeling of the remote environment is provided. A virtual damping force proportional to the slave speed is introduced into the slave control in order to improve the teleoperation. The theoretical approach has been validated with experimental results.

Area: Interfacce Aptiche
Attività: Joy: Joystick aptico ad un grado di libertà

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