E. Alessandri, A. Gasparetto, R. Martinez Béjar, R. Valencia Garcia
An application of artificial intelligence to medical robotics
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, vol. 41, Dec. 2004, pp. 225-243

Abstract: In this paper an application of Artificial Intelligence (A. I.) to Medical Robotics is described. Namely, a specific A. I. technique is employed to generate a sequence of operations understandable by the control system of a robot which is to perform a semi-automatic surgical task. According to this technique, a planner is implemented to translate the “natural” language of the surgeon into the robotic sequence that should be executed by the robot. A robotic simulator has then been implemented in order to test the planned sequence in a virtual environment. The work described in this paper features a high level of originality, since no similar applications of A. I. to medical robotics could be found in the scientific literature.

Topic: Medicals
Activity: Artificial Intelligence for Medical Robotics and Automation

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