P. Gallina, G. Rosati, and A. Rossi
3-d.o.f. wire driven planar haptic interface
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 32(1):2336, 2001

Abstract: A 4-wire driven 3 d.o.f. planar haptic device, called the Feriba-3, is described. The particular geometric configuration of the end-effector ensures closed form kinematic pose solution and good manipulability. Moreover, the structural arrangement adopted makes the Feriba-3 a well-performing haptic device, whose major features are low inertia, low friction and full dexterity in a large workspace. Manipulability analysis has been performed by introducing a complete set of manipulability indices.

Topic: Haptic Interfaces
Activity: FeRiBa3: 2D haptic interface

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