S. Masiero, P. Poli, M. Armani, G. Ferlini, R. Rizziello, and G. Rosati
Robotic upper limb rehabilitation after acute stroke by NeReBot: evaluation of treatment costs
BioMed Research International, 265634, 2014

Abstract: Stroke is the first cause of disability. Several robotic devices have been developed for stroke rehabilitation. Robot therapy by NeReBot demonstrated to be an effective tool for the treatment of post-stroke paretic upper limbs, able to improve the activities of daily living of stroke survivors when used both as additional treatment and in partial substitution of conventional rehabilitation therapy in the acute and subacute phases post stroke. This study presents the evaluation of the costs related to delivering such therapy, in comparison with conventional rehabilitation treatment. By comparing several NeReBot treatment protocols, made of different combinations of robotic and non-robotic exercises, we show that robotic technology can be a valuable and economically sustainable aid in the management of post-stroke patient rehabilitation.

Topic: Medicals
Activity: NeReBot: 3 d.o.f. cable-suspended robot for neurorehabilitation
Project: ARCO

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