Telescopic handlers stability control system

contact: prof. Giulio Rosati
centre: UniPd - DIMEG
start: 2005
Topic: Automation
Project: SMS SIAMO

This research activity is focused on the analysis of earthmoving machines behaviour during the operative phase. The models and software developed are applied to simulate a telescopic handler, but they are general enough to be used for any kind of earthmoving machine. Thanks to a careful kinematic and dynamic analysis, the machine’s behaviour can be studied both in the static and in the dynamic fields. In other words, not only the force of gravity but also the inertial forces and torques and other external forces are accounted for. These methodologies can be used both during the design phase (to draw the machine load charts) and in the operative phase (to on the fly estimate the real working condition of the machine and the nearness of unsteadiness configurations). These information can be used not only to give a visual and/or acoustic feedback to the operator, but also to implement a stability control system of the machine.


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In Proceedings of the ASME 2010 10th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis ESDA2010-25305, Istanbul, Turkey, July 12-14 2010

G. Rosati, A. Biondi, A. Cenci, A. Rossi, and G. Boschetti
A haptic system to enhance stability of heavy duty machines
In Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition IMECE 2008, Boston, MA, USA, Oct 31 - Nov 6 2008

G. Rosati, A. Biondi, G. Boschetti, and A. Rossi
Real-time estimation of the telescopic handler center of mass
In Proceedings of the 12th IFToMM World Congress, Besancon, France, June 18-21 2007

A. Rossi, A. Biondi, S. Cenci, and G. Rosati
Development of a telescopic handler simplified model
In Proceedings of AIMETA 2007, Brescia, Italy, September 11-14 2007

A. Gasparetto, M. Giovagnoni, R. Vidoni, V. Zanotto
Progetto di un sistema meccatronico per il controllo di un cinematismo spaziale in una macchina per scavo di gallerie
Atti del XVIII Congresso Nazionale AIMETA, Brescia, 11-14 settembre 2007

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