MariBot: 5 d.o.f. cable-suspended robot for neurorehabilitation

contact: prof. Giulio Rosati
centre: UniPd - DIMEG
start: 2003
Topic: Medicals
Project: FIRB

MariBot (MARIsa roBOT) is a 5 degrees of freedom cable-suspended robot for neurorehabilitation. This robot was conceived as an evolution of the NeReBot, and is designed for post-stroke upper limb rehabilitation in the post-acute phase. Three nylon wires are used to sustain the forearm of the patient and produce motion in the vertical plane, while two additional actuators move the overhead structure to adjust the cable configuration in the horizontal plane. A real-time software performs the on-line point by point acquisition and the repetition of the 3D trajectories obtained by interpolating the acquired points.
  For more information on neurorehabilitation robotics research visit www.rehabrobotics.it.


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