PiRoGa5: 3D haptic interface

contact: prof. Giulio Rosati
centre: UniPd - DIMEG
start: 2000
Topic: Haptic Interfaces
Project: CLUSTER15

Piroga5 is a 5 d.o.f. wire-driven haptic display, which can exert three forces and two moments on a pen-shaped end-effector. Forces are exerted by means of six wires driven by six DC motors. The control system is based on a dedicated VME architecture. A 3D virtual environment able to handle NURBS surfaces was implemented.


G. Rosati, D. Zanotto, and A. Rossi
Performance assessment of a 3D cable-driven haptic device
In Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition IMECE 2008, Boston, MA, USA, Oct 31 - Nov 6 2008

G. Boschetti, P. Gallina, G. Rosati, A. Rossi, and V. Zanotto
A control scheme for 5 d.o.f. haptic feedback guided teleoperation
IASME Transactions, 1(1):5358, 2004

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