FeRiBa3: 2D haptic interface

contact: prof. Giulio Rosati
centre: UniPd - DIMEG
start: 1999
Topic: Haptic Interfaces

Feriba3 is a 3 d.o.f. planar wire-driven haptic display, which can exert two forces and one moment on a circular end-effector. Forces are exerted by means of four wires driven by four DC motors. The control system is based on a dedicated VME architecture.


D. Zanotto, G. Rosati, and A. Rossi
Performance analysis of planar cable-based parallel manipulators
In Proceedings of the ASME 2010 10th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis ESDA2010-25282, Istanbul, Turkey, July 12-14 2010

P. Gallina and G. Rosati
Manipulability of a planar wire driven haptic device
Mechanism and Machine Theory, 37(2):215228, 2002

P. Gallina, G. Rosati, and A. Rossi
3-d.o.f. wire driven planar haptic interface
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 32(1):2336, 2001

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