eng. Alberto Chiarello
Ph.D. Candidate
centre: UniPd - DIMEG

Via Venezia, 1
35131 PADOVA
Tel: +39 049 827 6810
Fax: +39 049 827 6816

Alberto Chiarello was born in Arzignano (VI) on 15 April 1992. He received from the University of Padova (Italy) his Bachelor Degree in Mechanic and Mechatronic Engineering (November 2014) and his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (September 2016). For the last one he discussed the thesis "Design of a flexible automated system to combine light rigid parts in fluid matrix" (advisor: Prof. Giulio Rosati). He has knowledges of structural design of mechanical systems, computer vision, CAD software, Matlab, LabVIEW and finite element analysis. He is currently a PhD student in Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering at the Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padova. His PhD project in collaboration with the company Ecor International, is focused on the Industrial Condition Monitoring. He has good experience of programming languages (Matlab, LabVIEW), finite element analysis software, 2D/3D CAD software (Solidworks, Autodesk Autocad, PTC Creo Parametric) and DAQ hardware and software.

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