eng. Matteo Gobbo
Research Assistant
centre: UniPd - DIMEG


Matteo Gobbo was born in Treviso on 16 May 1991. He received from the University of Padua (Italy) both his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (September 2013) and his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (October 2015). For the last one he discussed the thesis “3D vision system for robot guidance in Bin-Picking task” (advisor: Prof. Giulio Rosati). On 29 January 2016 he was licensed in Industrial Engineering. On March 2016 he was the winner of a fellowship in I.N.F.N. in the theme “Design and construction of a remote handling system for high power radioisotope targets”. He is currently working on that activity at D.T.G., in collaboration with Prof. Giulio Rosati, Prof. Aldo Rossi and under the supervision of eng. Juan Esposito (I.N.F.N.). He has knowledges of structural design of mechanical systems, computer vision, CAD software, Matlab, Robot programming and finite element analysis.

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