eng. Christian Finetto
Ph.D. Candidate
centre: UniPd - DIMEG


Christian Finetto received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua in October 2010, specializing in robotics and industrial automation. His thesis focused on control and calibration of cable driven haptic displays. Afterwards he was awarded a research grant to work on the role of multimodal feedback in robot-assisted motor tasks. He is currently enrolled at the Doctoral School in Industrial Engineering at the Department of Innovation in Mechanics and Management (DIMEG), his research activity aiming at the development of safe interacting robotic systems.


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[6] A. Rossi, A. Persona, G. Rosati, M. Faccio, S. Cenci, A. Carli, and C. Finetto
Sistemi di assemblaggio industriale ad elevata flessibilitą
In Quinta giornata di studio Ettore Funaioli - 15 luglio 2011. A cura di U. Meneghetti, A. Maggiore e V. Parenti Castelli, Bologna, Italy

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